onsdag den 3. september 2008

Time to get busy again

It is some time since I startet this blog. It is difficult getting peoble to notice a site so if you are the first I hope you enjoy it and come back again to see nem photos. I also hope you will be inspiret to go and watch a Le Mans race yourself. There is nothing quite like it. See you there. Well when we get to the month of june again. Ones a year experience.

fredag den 21. marts 2008

Le Mans 24 Hours Race

What is Le Mans 24 Hours all about? Is it about the cars on and off track? Is it about the noise and the smell? Is it the tension? Is it about the race after dark? Is it about heros? Is it about the babes? Is it about craches and the drama? Or is it just a combination of it all? For me it is about the images. And the stories they tell.

Where ever you turn your head there are pictures to capture. I am no pro fotographer and the camera I use is kind of getting old. Hopefully somebody will like my photos. But ever if you don't like them maybe you get past that and feel what Le Mans 24 Hours race is about.